How to buy web hosting without a credit card in Pakistan

How to buy web hosting without a credit card in Pakistan?

Website Development is growing worldwide including Pakistan. All Businesses are interested in making their own website. For any website, the first thing that you need is a good domain name & a good fast ad secure hosting. The domain name of the website is its first impression and the second most important thing that you need for a website is a good secure and fast hosting. Mostly good and fast hosting providers are based in the USA, UK, UAE, and other countries.

In Pakistan, many people don’t have a debit or credit card to buy a good hosting or a domain from the companies that are operating internationally. Today in this article we are going to give you a detailed guide on:

  • How to choose a good hosting in Pakistan?
  • Why you should not buy cheap hosting?
  • Cons of Cheap Hosting?
  • Why you should prioritize the quality over quantity?
  • How you can buy hosting in Pakistan without a credit card?

Before going further let’s take a look at the most important key points that you should keep in mind to choose your hosting provider.

How to choose a good hosting in Pakistan?

Many hosting providers are currently working in Pakistan but you should choose the best amongst all of them. Below we are going to give you __ main point that you should focus on before choosing any hosting company in Pakistan.

According to Wingard creative director Adam berry you can choose a hosting provider by using the formula of 3 S’s: speed, security, and support. You can use this formula to choose the best hosting provider in Pakistan.
In Pakistan a wide range of Hosting services are available. The prices of these hosting are ranging from a few hundred rupees per month to thousands of rupees per month.

In reality, the reason behind this low price hosting and high price hosting is the quality. Below we are sharing a simple example that will help you understand the difference between a cheap hosting provider and a good hosting provider and will help you to take a good decision.

Example: Every field has qualities like if you visit a mobile shop to buy a mobile you will see many models of mobiles with different features and options. The prices of mobiles are different because of their options, features, quality, and reliability. You always choose the one that has maximum features and the mobile that is built with a good quality material why? because the quality and features of that expensive model are amazing and reliable e.g. the storage, RAM, camera result, display quality, battery timing are un-matchable as compared to the mobile that costs less.

Why you should not buy cheap hosting?

Always prioritize the quality over quantity. Never choose a company that is offering you cheap hosting because at a cheap price they are offering you a cheap hosting. The hosting that is not secure and will slow down your website.

Why Cheap Hostings are not secure?

To decrease the price hosting companies are using Refurbished Servers. These refurbished servers have already completed their timespan and are not in a condition to be reused as a server. These un-professional hosting companies buy those old refurbished servers and use them as their main servers to cheat their customers. These companies are not only cheating their customers but they are also risking their customer’s website that is being hosted on their server.

Not only this these cheap hosting providers are also sharing their refurbished servers with lots of other website owners.

If you choose a cheap hosting provider then you are risking your website. How?

Sharing of hosting doesn’t mean that you are sharing the hosting only it means you are sharing the resources of your website. To decrease the price these companies limit their Security, Storage space, RAM, and speed.

Cons of Cheap Hosting

  1. They use refurbished servers that are outdated and are not fast and secured. These old servers will increase the downtime of the website. As the downtime of a website increases its SEO will be affected resulting in a website rank decrease.
  2. In cheap hosting hundreds of websites are hosted on one single server risking the security of all the websites.
  3. The suspicious activity on another website will affect your website also.
  4. Malicious scripts on other websites will affect your website.
  5. Your website will always be at risk because if any website has a weak security any hacker can hack that website and can also hack your website because both of these websites are hosted on the same single non-secured server.
  6. As lots of other websites are on your single server it is not possible to expect customization that’s why these un-professional companies limit the changes you can make to your system files because any changes on your site will affect everyone on that server.
  7. You are at the mercy of your hosting company because they have control of your hosting server.
  8. These outdated servers will slow down your website.

How you can buy hosting in Pakistan without a credit card?

Now in Pakistan, you can buy hosting without a credit card. At M5Host you can pay through EasyPaisa, JazzCash, and Bank Transfer. No credit card or debit card is required.

Below we are sharing a step by step guide on how you can buy web hosting in Pakistan.

1. After confirming your domain name send your Name, Domain Name, and Address on our official WhatsApp number. Click to Chat

2. Our representative will share payment details.

3. Send your transaction/payment details on our WhatsApp number (We accept payments through Easypaisa, JazzCash & Bank Transfer). Our representative will verify the payment and within the next 30 minutes, your account will be set up. Congratulations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How much disk space do M5Host give?

A: M5Host has 3 hosting packages Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Click here to see the details of hosting packages.

Q: How much bandwidth do M5Host give?

A: In our premium hosting packages, you will get UNLIMITED bandwidth.

Q: Will I get SSL with my hosting package?

A: Yes, you will get a FREE SSL certificate. Our technical team will set up an SSL certificate on your website.

Q: Is your hosting WordPress optimized?

A: Yes, our hosting is WordPress optimized. Our hosting is also Woocommerce Optimized, and Elementor Optimized.

Q: Will I get full access to my Cpanel?

A: Yes, you will get full access to your cPanel. After registering your domain and hosting out technical team will send you your login details via Email/WhatsApp/SMS.

Q: Will I get a one-click installer?

A: Yes with our hosting package you will get a Premium One-click Installer through which you can install 200+ scripts on your website.

Q: Will I get support services from M5Host?

A: Yes, you will get 24/7 Support in Urdu and English language. You can contact our team via Call, SMS, WhatsApp, and Email. You can talk to our team 24/7.

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