M5Host Abdul Rehman (Mani)

M5Host Abdul Rehman (Mani)

At just years old, M5Host Mani is already making waves in the Tekken community as the youngest professional player. With an impressive track record, Mani has secured victories in prestigious tournaments across Islamabad universities like SZABIST University, Foundation University, Ivy Roots Millennium, and many more. His journey to success is marked by dedication, skill, and a relentless passion for the game. As a sponsored player by M5Host, Mani continues to showcase his talent on the competitive stage, earning accolades and victories against seasoned opponents.

Mani - A Phenomenal Talent:

M5Host Mani has emerged as the youngest Tekken professional player in Pakistan, showcasing remarkable talent and determination on the competitive stage. Despite his age, Mani has been consistently outperforming players much older and more experienced than him in various tournaments. His impressive victories against seasoned opponents serve as a testament to his skill, adaptability, and sheer passion for the game.

Abdul Rehman Mani Youngest Tekken Player in Pakistan

At just 15 years old, Mani displays impressive proficiency with characters like Claudio and Feng in Tekken 8. His skillful gameplay showcases a remarkable understanding of each character’s moveset, demonstrating maturity beyond his years on the competitive stage

Mani's Matches

Mani, the youngest Pakistani professional player at just 15 years old, fearlessly takes on some of the nation’s top Tekken players including Hafiz Adeel, Arslan Ash, Qasim Mir, Dawood Sikandar, and many more. He engages in intense battles with these seasoned players, learning from their expertise while showcasing his own skills. With each match, he gains valuable experience and hones his abilities for future competitions.

Mani Achievements

I participate in many tournaments in Pakistan. I win local tournament in Islamabad. I played with many professional players. Winner 🥇: Of Fubo Tekken 7 Event. ( Held In Foundation University.) Runner Up Of Eme Olympiad 2022 Tekken 7.

Mani's Impact in the Islamabad Tekken Community

Mani is poised to leave a lasting impact on the Islamabad Tekken community, inspiring aspiring players and contributing to the growth and evolution of the local gaming scene.

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